1. My RadhesiveTM is too strong:

Dab it on your clothing until it reaches the desired level of grip. If you dab it too much and it becomes weak, simply wipe clean with disinfecting wipes and strength will be back to 100%.

2. My RadhesiveTM is not strong enough:

Rub the gel under running water to remove any contaminants and grip will be back to normal. May provide a more thorough cleaning with disinfecting wipes.

3. My Radhesive TM comes off the marker and stays on the IR:

Remove the Radhesive TM and clean the marker and Radhesive TM  separately with disinfecting wipes. After they dry, firmly attach the Radhesive TM back onto the marker and make sure there is an even seal between the two. Then dab the exposed side of Radhesive TM on your scrubs to reduce grip, making the grip towards the marker stronger than the grip outside the marker.

4. My Radhesive TM  sticks strongly to my badge:

If the pvc card lacks a film layer, it wil adhere very strongly to any adhesive. Your ID badge at one hospital may work and the one at your second job may not, it all depends on the card material. You can use marker holders like the ones we provide or purchase one with good reviews online.