The Perfect Sanitary
Adhesive For Securing
All X-Ray Markers!


We are the world’s leading X-Ray Marker Adhesive company.

        For years it has been such a time consuming and difficult process to simply secure your markers with absolute quality and keep them clean. Tape and putty will consistently let markers fall and stop working when wet. That is why we created a lab tested formula to quickly, powerfully, and affordably stick and secure your markers on any surface!

World of X-Ray Radhesive™

- Washable, Reusable X-Ray Marker Adhesive

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    World of X-Ray’s vision for the perfect line of product started with an environmentally friendly mentality. We have formulated the most massively reusable adhesive, reducing medical tape waste.

    Radhesive™ is crafted by the most intelligent chemists on the planet. It’s Prepolymer and Curative formula was scientifically researched, tested, and constructed for optimum performance in the busiest of Radiology departments.

 Quality is our primary objective. In order to control quality we formulate everything in the best country in the world!

    Why spend time taping your markers just to have to do it again in a few days? Radhesive™ is designed for ultimate efficiency.


Radhesive™ was specially designed to work well with disinfectant wipes commonly found in healthcare facilities, making it perfect for preventing the spread of bacteria between patients. Cleaning a used Radhesive will not only stop bacteria in their tracks but also revert the back to Like-New condition.

Prevents X-Ray Markers From Falling

Radhesive has stickiness you can trust! Just one 1.5 inch piece of Radhesive™ can support a 5lb cervical sand bag and a completely full aluminum bottle container. It is over-engineered to ensure no-markers will fall unexpectedly during your shift.