World's Best X-Ray Marker Adhesive

“New Medical Gel Keeps X-Ray Markers Secure and Helps Stop Bacteria in Its Tracks…

If you use x-ray markers on a regular basis, this will be the most important product you carry because for the rest of your career, you’ll never roll tape or drop a marker again.



A single 1.5” strip is capable of holding a 5 lb x-ray cervical sand bag.


Guaranteed to work perfectly in excess of 6 months under heavy Use. Wash to make it stick like-new.


Dab on scrubs when too sticky and wash when not sticky enough.

Medical Grade

Compatible with a wide variety of cleaners commonly found in Healthcare facilities.

And It’s About MORE Than Just a Re-Usable Adhesive…

Because of its designated purpose in healthcare, we needed a very sticky yet massively reusable gel that would respond positively to being washed hundreds of times. The Manufacturing process we use to make the Radhesive formula consists of mixing a Prepolymer material (the ‘A’) with a Curative (the ‘B’). The properties of the final product depend on 5 variables, amount of A, amount of B, temperature of mould plate, substrate temperature (the temperature of A and B) and timing of mixture. The prepolymer consists of an isocyanate (or an NCO) that reacts with the hydroxyl (OH) in the curative, which creates the adhesive qualities depending on the above variables. All the five variables, were tested in over 35 combinations to finally come to the current formula we now use for Radhesive™. Radhesive™ takes all these variables into account to create a ‘upper middle ground’ marker adhesive. The end result is a Gel Pad that has a strong core, making it durable, while having a high amount of adhesive properties but not so much that it will stick permanently to the IR. By applying particular quantities of the prepolymer and the curative at varying temperatures, we found many different styles of gel pad could be made at various levels of adhesive and so through much testing, we found a result we were happy with.

We are currently working with Patent lawyers to patent our unique formula and manufacturing methods. However, we have found that chemical patents are difficult to process and enforce. So we are exploring other forms of patent such as manufacturing styles.

So like I said, there’s more to this gel than “just” sticking markers.

But don’t just take my word for it…

“Love my Radhesive marker strips! I bought my boss some and he loves them too. I will be a repeat customer!”

– Dottie T

“Great adhesive and great customer service! We are ordering adhesives for our whole department!”

– Rise H

“I have recently used the Radhesive and I was very surprised by how well they work! Will be ordering a few! Thanks Radhesive!” – Hanna C


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