10 Radhesives pack with Marker Holders inside

10 Radhesive strips pack with one marker holder inside!

Radhesive was specially designed to work well with disinfectant wipes commonly used in healthcare facilities, making it perfect for preventing the spread of bacteria between patients. Cleaning a used Radhesive will not only stop bacteria in their tracks but also revert the gel to Like-New condition.

Radhesive has stickiness you can trust! Just one 1.5-inch piece of Radhesive can support a 5lb cervical sand bag and a completely full aluminum bottle container. It is over-engineered to ensure no markers fall unexpectedly during your shift.

Radhesive is the most scientifically advanced Washable, Reusable, Extra Strength Adhesive formula. This long-lasting and extremely durable product is designed for all types of markers, be them plastic, resin, aluminum, wood, and other solid surfaces that require frequent securing and cleaning. This industry specific product is a perfect blend of 5 variables, amount of A, amount of B, temperature of mould plate, substrate temperature (the temperature of A and B) and timing of mixture. The prepolymer consists of an isocyanate (or an NCO) that reacts with the hydroxyl (OH) in the curative, which creates the adhesive qualities depending on the above variables.

No other x-ray marker adhesive can actually reliably stick and be cleaned at the same time. Radhesive does!